8 Substitutes for Worcestershire Sauce in Barbecue Sauce


Try to imagine this. It is Sunday. You wake up to a great day and are about to prepare for your BBQ dinner party in a few hours.

You take out the ingredients you need starting with the meat for your BBQ, the spices, and of course, the sauce. Everything is ready, and you are now ready to start, but you notice that one ingredient is missing – the Worcestershire sauce!

Worcestershire Sauce

Before you dive straight into complete panic mode, read this article first because today, we will be sharing with you the perfect substitute for Worcestershire sauce in barbecue sauce!

Read on to find out what these ingredients are!

Soy sauce and apple juice

Soy Sauce and Apple Juice Mixed -- Worcestershire Sauce Alternative

First, in our list of Worcestershire alternative is soy sauce and apple juice! Since Worcestershire sauce has various ingredients that are salty, somewhat spicy, and sweet.

With its salty characteristic, adding soy sauce and apple juice for its sweetness indeed makes the perfect combination!

Just make sure to use equal measurements for each so that your Worcestershire sauce will not come out either too sweet or too salty. 

Soy sauce and tomato ketchup

Soy Sauce and Tomato Ketchup Mixed -- Worcestershire Sauce Alternative

The next two-ingredients you can use as a Worcester substitute are soy sauce and tomato ketchup!

The combination of sweet and sour flavors from the tomato ketchup would jive well and complement the soy sauce’s saltiness!

You can do this by using equal measurements for both soy sauce and tomato ketchup. It would balance out all the different flavors and make the “thick” texture become a bit “watery.”

Also, you can blend the two to make sure that the combination is evenly mixed. This concoction might be too thick for use as a salad dressing, but this consistency would surely be perfect for burgers and meatloaves!

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Soy sauce, ACV (apple cider vinegar), and chili flakes

Soy Sauce, ACV, and Chili Flakes --  Worcestershire Sauce Alternative

You can also use soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, and chili flakes to replace Worcester sauce! The saltiness of the soy sauce will balance the sourness of the apple cider vinegar.

You can use ¼ tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for every two tablespoons of soy sauce for this concoction.

Apple cider vinegar tastes different from a regular vinegar, so make sure to follow the exact measurements to come up with a flavor that closely resembles Worcestershire.

Also, you can add a pinch of chili flakes for an extra spicy kick! This mixture is perfect for almost anything.

Soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and ACV (apple cider vinegar)

Hoisin sauce is a sauce made from garlic, black beans, and plums, and this, along with a part of soy sauce, is already a great Worcestershire replacement.

To add more flavors to this sauce, you can add apple cider vinegar to even its texture and give it an extra kick and flavor.

You can use this for marinating meat like pork or chicken, but we do not suggest this mixture for salads because of its dark color and thick texture.

Soy sauce, concentrated tamarind, and white vinegar

The sweetness of the tamarind concentrate, the soy sauce’s saltiness, and the white vinegar’s sourness makes the perfect substitute for Worcestershire sauce in burgers!

Mix all three ingredients in equal measurements (for instance, one tablespoon of soy sauce plus one tablespoon of concentrated tamarind and white vinegar), and you can have your Worcestershire replacement in a matter of minutes!

This mixture’s outcome will be rather dark in color and thick in texture, so we dissuade you from using on salads. Instead, you can use this in preparing some meatloaf and burgers! 

Soy sauce, lemon juice, sugar, and chili sauce/hot sauce

This mixture has almost every flavor: salty (from the soy sauce), sour (from the lemon juice), a tinge of sweetness (from the sugar), and the spicy kick (from the chili sauce or hot sauce).

Again, all you must do is combine all these ingredients and mix them well. You can mix a ¼ teaspoon of lemon juice and sugar for every two teaspoons of soy sauce.

Also, you can add more of the hot sauce to raise the spicy kick of your mixture! You can use Tabasco, Sriracha, Tapatio, or any hot sauce you have available at home. 

Miso paste and water

The somewhat salty and sweet flavor that miso paste gives off is perfect for a substitute for Worcestershire sauce if you require a quick alternative. Also, this gives off the fermented effect and results in a relatively thick texture.

As this concoction is a bit cloudy, this cannot be used as a garnish but can be used in cooking meat or if you will be mixing it with other ingredients. 

Soy sauce

Last but most certainly not the least in our list of “What can replace Worcestershire sauce” is, of course… soy sauce!

Although the stark difference between the two is evident in the fermentation process (soy sauce is fermented for six months while Worcestershire ferments for two years), it all comes down to this one simple ingredient.

Soy sauce may not taste the same as Worcestershire sauce, but you can still definitely use this to marinate meat or to add flavor to any of your dishes! 


There are many other alternatives for Worcestershire sauce. Although it may not taste the same, these ingredients, when combined, can still enhance the flavor of any dish you are cooking or any meat that you are marinating.

You can also use these alternatives as a quick fix for when you immediately need Worcestershire sauce and cannot run to the store in an instant. So, the next time you run out of Worcestershire sauce, do not panic!

All you must do is open your cupboard and start mixing these ingredients! You have many other options, and all you need is a dab or two of creativity and quick thinking to turn your Worcestershire nightmare into yesterday’s dream!

With this, you can still enjoy your barbecue sessions with family and friends.


Tyler Lachance is a cookout professional. His expertise on cooking grilled food, creating marinades, formulating sauces and matching his food with the perfect drink is unrivaled.

Born and raised in a family that has a long history of cookout, he has treated this activity as a part of his culture and who he is.