What to Do if Offset Smoker Gets Too Hot? All the Smoker Heat Management Tricks You Need to Know!


There might have been a moment where you must have wondered if your offset smoker is too hot to be working with. 

Surprisingly for you, offset smoker heat management can be a bit of a struggle at times.

Although most well-known offset smokers will make sure you never have to deal with this problem, controlling the heat of the smoker can still be tricky!

Therefore, we’re here to tell you what to do if offset smoker gets too hot.

Why Does My Smoker Get So Hot?

Offset smokers are designed in a manner that makes them more prone to getting overheated than other types of smokers, so it isn’t anything to worry about.

If you think your smoker is getting too hot, chances are that you just need to reduce the ventilation.

What to Do If My Smoker is Too Hot?

If your smoker is getting too hot, you should simply close the damper a little.

The extra heat can also be released by opening the firebox a little so that the smoke can escape from there.

You can always prevent your smoker from getting too hot in the first place by ensuring a few things.

1. Maintain a Steady Fire

Do not begin smoking in a hassle, let the coals and woods together grow a steady fire gradually before putting in anything.

2. Observe the Fire Closely

Don’t let the fire stay unmonitored. Observe it every 15 to 20 minutes to check if it’s remaining steady.

3. Smartly Decide the Meat Placement

It’s common knowledge that every place on an offset smoker will not have the exact same temperature. 

Therefore, you should be mindful of where you place the meat in order to avoid overcooking or undercooking its portions.

4. Closely Observe the Color of the Smoke

The easiest tip to remember for the color of the smoke is that thin, blue smoke is good, whereas thick white or black smoke is bad.

This problem can easily be fixed by allowing a little oxygen to enter the firebox. 

How Do You Cool Down an Offset Smoker?

When you want to cool down your offset smoker, you should reduce the ventilation of the smoker.

This can be easily done by cutting off the air supply underneath the fire in the firebox.

The temperature should be lowered gradually. Therefore, the vents are to be closed only half an inch every few minutes.

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Wrapping it Up

The best way to avoid overheating your smoker is by preventing it instead of fixing it.

However, even if you have to fix it and cool it down someday, it is really not a problem.

Happy smoking!

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