Should You Boil Ribs Before Grilling? We Know Everything You Need to Know!


A lot of people must have told you that you need properly boiled ribs before you can begin to grill them. So, is that really what perfectly grilled ribs need?

Yes, but not necessarily.

Many experts will tell you to boil ribs before grilling, but an equal number of experts will also ask you not to. 

While both choices can be made for valid reasons, we highly recommend that you do use boiled ribs for grilling.

Raw Pork Ribs

We compiled this article for you to help understand why we recommend this way to cook your ribs!

Is it Better to Boil Ribs Before Cooking?

Grilling ribs is a rather hard job to do. A lot of times there’s a chance that you end up with meat that is not perfectly cooked and is chewy and tough to eat.

One of the most common ways to prevent such undercooked meat is by boiling it before it can be grilled, which is why boiled ribs are highly popular.

Boil Ribs

There are many reasons why boiling ribs before grilling can tenderize it. We’re here to help you know exactly what those reasons are.


  • Removes some of the surface fat 
  • Helps remove inner skin from ribs easily
  • Shortens the cooking time greatly


  • Sometimes results in loss of natural juices
  • Dries the meat to come extent
  • Causes a loss of flavor

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How Long Should I Boil My Ribs Before Grilling?

Ribs are to be boiled until they are soft, but shouldn’t be falling apart. This means that you can boil ribs for about 25 minutes on average before you can grill them.

However, the boiling period also greatly depends on the type of ribs you are using.

Do Boiling Ribs Make Them Tender?


The whole purpose of boiling ribs is to ensure that your grilling process leaves you with tender meat that is not undercooked from any section.

However, sometimes boiling meat can result in a loss of the meat’s natural juices, which eventually causes the grilled meat to be dry.

However, this usually occurs when you parboil the meat for a very long time. Therefore, it’s important to keep observing when the meat turns soft and not over-boil it.

Similarly, if you over-boil the meat, it will also create a broth, which can result in loss of flavor as well.

If you can make sure that you boil the rib type for the right period needed for it, you can achieve the soft and tender grilled meat that you desire.

Wrapping it Up

It is true that whether you choose to use boiled ribs for grilling or not is a personal preference. However, it’s well-known that boiling your ribs before grilling them can give you perfectly cooked, tender meat.

Therefore, it’s best to boil ribs before grilling, in order to make sure you don’t end up with tough meat that you can’t chew!

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