Must-Have BBQ Smoking Accessories for 2022


Are you planning to arrange a party or just to chill with your partner? The thought of a barbecue party is enough to make everyone go gaga about mouth-watering delicacies prepared on the smoker.

When it comes to buying a smoker, people do a lot of research as the market is flooded with plenty of options. This seems understandable as you do not want to regret it later. But, knowing about BBQ smoking accessories is equally important for a guaranteed enhanced experience during your smoking sessions.

It is essential to invest in good quality grilling and smoking accessories that will surely make the job of preparing the most delicious meals of your life easy for you.

Whether it is about checking the temperature levels or finely cutting the freshly prepared meat with precision, there are multiple smoker tools that you will need but must be unaware of.

Are you ready for our list of 10 best meat smoking accessories that will add up to the fun of smoking in your life and make it feel 100 times simpler and safer? Let’s begin!

Top 10 Essential Gear For Smokers

1. Digital Meat Thermometer

Using Digital Thermometer on a Food

Newbie smokers must understand the significance of a digital meat thermometer.

You must be wondering why would you need to add the digital thermometer to your list of smoker accessories

Well, a lot of smokers do not come with an in-built thermometer, and those that are already equipped with a thermometer often fail to display accurate temperature levels. And even if it does, there are high possibilities that with frequent usage it may tend to run out in terms of the performance aspect.

As the name indicates, a digital meat thermometer is used for monitoring the temperature levels inside a smoker. Due to it being wireless, the thermometer enables you to easily keep a check on the levels of warmth inside and also set alarms, while you relax or indulge in other important activities.

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Keeping your smoker on a temperature probe is also helpful in maintaining it at 225 degrees as it easily provides you the notification about the current conditions.

2. Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

While preparing food in the smoker, a pair of heat-resistant gloves come in handy. This secures its place among the must-have BBQ smoker accessories which keeps you protected from unwanted burns.

Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

There are several brands in the market that manufacture high-end, well-protected, light-weight gloves that are properly insulated and offer a nice grip for handling the food during preparation.

3. Basting Brush For Greasing Food In The BBQ

As you put food into the barbecue, the oils get absorbed quickly and re-application is required while the cooking is still on.

Using Basting Brush to spread grease on a Whole Chicken

Oiling brushes are among the most important food smoking accessories that not only help in keeping your cooking counter and trays clean but also allow you to maintain hygiene during food preparation.

You must invest in good quality basting brushes made with silicone, have long handles and heat resistance as those are good for improving your cooking experience.

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4. BBQ Tongs

A pair of tongs is, without a doubt, essential gear for smokers.

Cooking using BBQ Tongs

Confused about what to get for someone with a passion for smoking? A complete set that includes various smoker tools such as spatulas, tongs, fork, basting brushes, etc. is the best gift that will surely brighten up their day!

A tong helps you move the charcoal, pick and toss the food inside the smoker without burning you.

You can go for long-bodied. stainless steel grilling tongs with wooden handles are available from several popular manufacturers in the market.

5. Instant Thermometer

Do you dream of preparing the best, optimally smoked meat of your life? Then an instant thermometer is all that you need!

The fact that it lets you monitor the internal temperature of the meat being prepared, is what makes it one of the highly recommended smoking accessories even by professionals.

It comes with a digital reader that shows you the accurate condition of the meat, which allows you to prevent it from overcooking.

This is a sure way to enjoy the maximum grilling experience.

6. Firestarters

A firestarter is best to quickly light-up the grill! You must keep them handy when it comes to igniting the charcoal for the smoker. They do not require any lighter fluid and save you from the hassle of burning the fire as firestarters work quickly.

7. Grill Basket

A grill basket makes the process of grilling your favorite veggies and meats easy! Mostly, stainless steel, small sized grill basket is perfect for you.

Using Grill Basket to BBQ Food

Grill basked is one of the crucial grilling and smoking accessories that offer you an enhanced grill taste that you crave. Do not forget to brush the eatables with some oil, and you are good to go!

Talking about the grills, meat preparation in them is considered harmful by many. According to research conducted by the National Cancer Institute, smoker grills have the potential for HCA (Heterocyclic Amines) and PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) formation in the meat. When the meat is being prepared at high temperatures, this chemical formation can lead to a mutation in the genetics of the person consuming it and puts them under a high risk of cancer. 

8. Metal Shredding Claws

A BBQ smoker is used for preparing a variety of dishes including multiple types of heavy meat items. If you are someone who is all up for a brilliant smoking experience, then metal shredding claws are among the best food smoker tools that will smoothen your life.

They are used for shredding, lifting, and transferring the meat with the utmost ease. Make sure the claws you choose have a firm grip and a sturdy build quality.

9. Charcoal Baskets

The charcoal baskets are definitely among the essential food smoker accessories that let you arrange the ignited charcoal on the fuel grate. This way, indirect heat is provided to the meat which helps in grilling the entire piece by itself.

The passage of air lets it flow in all directions which generate better smoke and offers an intensified barbecue flavor in the food.

10. Sturdy Cutting Board

Preparing your own food means chopping lots of vegetables. Whether you have an indoor BBQ smoker or an outdoor one, a cutting board comes in handy in all kinds of set-ups.

A cutting board provides you with a clean, flat area for chopping. It also saves you from accidental scratches on the table-top, kitchen top, etc.

It is recommended to go for a wooden cutting board that keeps the quality of your knives intact. It is also a better option than plastic and glass cutting boards which are more prone to damage.

Invest in a Good Quality Smoker Cover

One of the most overlooked food smoker accessories is the cover that is useful for keeping it protected from dust particles and potential damage. A cover also helps in keeping the smoker dry and preventing it from rust accumulation.

You can get your smoker a cover that fits its body. Most of the manufacturers usually do make smoker covers, otherwise, you can also get one from a third-party seller.

This is also a great way to hide ugly looking smoker body. You can go for the ones made with polyester as they are water-proof too.

Final Verdict

Those who are enticed by the idea of a barbecue evening must invest in grilling and smoking accessories.

It is the best way to experience the best of smoking and also prevents you from unnecessary accidents that may happen during a sizzling smoking session. Some of the tools help you achieve that restaurant-style smoked meat result at home. 

Food smoking accessories are a boon for beginners! Pros use them for magnifying their smoking techniques and saving on the extra efforts that go into BBQ.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the ones that suit your needs, or, all 10 of them!

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