Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker (30-inch) Review


A beautiful slab of meat needs a beautiful smoker. For a newbie, owning the perfect smoker is THE dream.

I know, because I, too, was a newbie once. I also know that it’s easy for a first-time buyer to get overwhelmed by all the fantastic smokers available in the market.

I noticed that the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker has become quite popular. So I decided to try it and decide for myself if it’s the smoker for the starters.

Here’s my Masterbuilt 20071117 Digital Electric Smoker review.   

ProductMasterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30 inch
Power SourceCorded Electric

An Overview of the Product

The feature that made me try this digital electric smoker is that it is a plug-and-play model. It’s powered by electricity – but there’s more.

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker in Backyard

It is devised to allow you to infuse a woody flavor into your meat by using wood pellets. So, while this is a no charcoal- or wood-powered smoker, you’ll still not miss out on the rich taste in your smoked meat. 

The intelligent design of the smoker, including the patented wood chip-loading chamber, doesn’t surprise me. After all, it’s a product from the house of Masterbuilt.

In fact, I decided to write this review in the first place to introduce you to this amazing brand. It’s available online and in all popular stores like Home Depot.

Since 1973, Masterbuilt has offered great grills and smokers, as well as a range of fryers and automotive accessories. The Masterbuilt 30 smoker is simple, elegant, and vastly popular.

Without further ado, let me give you a quick overview of the special features and the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

You can learn how to operate your Masterbuilt Smoker, here.

Features that stood out for me:

  • An electric smoker that’s ready to cook once you plug it into the power source
  • Special chamber on the side to load wood pellets for smokiness
  • Temperature range – 100-275 F; Dimension: 0.47″  x 19.88″ x 33.26″
  • Insulated for heat retention with air damper to control smoke
  • Water plate for added moisture and flavor

Watch it in action:

Pros & Cons

  • Powers quickly after plugging in, making it an excellent choice for beginners
  • A chic model in black – a handsome addition to your cooking space
  • Large enough to accommodate 6 chickens/4 ribs/2 turkeys/4 pork butts
  • Digital control over temperature and time with just the touch of a button on the panel
  • Side chamber to add wood chips without opening the door for temperature stability
  • Difficult to control time and temperature if you open lid to season the meat
  • Needs wheels for better portability, though it’s pretty lightweight
  • Need to purchase cover for the smoker, primarily to protect the digital panel

Who is this Product for?

The Masterbuilt 30-inch smoker is devised for hassle-free grilling and smoking. While you won’t get the same results as a charcoal smoker, it’s well worth the price.


It’s fast and easy to operate right from the beginning till the end. It’s a great device with which you can start your smoking journey. 

Power Source Nearby:

It’s powered by electricity, so if you’re looking for a smoker on the porch or deck with a power source nearby, this one is ideal.

Small Businesses:

It’s quick and efficient and manages to smoke meat and fish with an authentic, woody flavor. So, it might be a good fit for a small business.

Key Features and Benefits of the Product

Now let’s take a look at the features of this smoker.

Product’s performance

I’ve already mentioned the simplicity of this smoker’s use. That’s because I remember how intimidating smokers can be for beginners.

Thankfully, this simplicity in design and functionality does not take away from its efficiency. It’s devised to include design elements that contribute to its efficiency and quickness. 

It is an electric smoker. You just have to plug it in, and the device is ready. No more waiting for the fuel to heat up, no more replacing wood, coal, or gas!

It also allows you to do a lot in a single go. There are four shelves for these 30-inch smokers, and the amount of food you can fit in should be enough for a small army.

Its temperature ranges from 100-275 F., So the smoker is quite versatile and allows different types of cooking quite easily.

From popular and easy proteins like pork, cricket, or beef to more complicated foods like fish, cheese, or veggies – this smoker can handle it all.

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Here are the factors that contribute to the smoker’s performance.

a) Insulated Body:

Thanks to the fully insulated body of the smoker, heat remains trapped inside. This is incredibly helpful in winters or if you live in a generally chilly area.

b) Integrated Thermostat:

The in-built thermostat helps to monitor the internal temperature and control it accordingly. This helps to maintain consistency of temperature and heat inside the smoker.

c) Top-Mounted Digital Control Panel:

Its digital panel is set on the top, giving you easy access to all the information. However, this is also a problem because if you don’t purchase a cover, the panel is the first to bear the brunt of rain or snow.

d) Side Wood Chip Loading System:

Side Wood Chip Loading System

Another exciting feature of the device is the wood chamber on the outside. You don’t have to open the door to add wood chips, and this helps to maintain the heat inside while conveniently adding the wood flavor.


It is a vertical smoker with a front-open dorm with four shelves. What I love about this smoker is the sophisticated look, set in black.

It’s made of steel, giving it sturdiness and durability. I also love how it does not show any signs of wear and tear after repeated usage.   

How to Set It Up

Setting up this device is no different from any other Masterbuilt smoker. You’ll need to start by seasoning the smoker to get a sense of its true power

  1. Clean out water, if any, from the pan.
  2. Place all equipment in their specific positions.
  3. Plug the smoker into a power source and turn the power on.
  4. Turn the temperature to 275 F.
  5. Keep the grill at this temperature for 180 minutes.
  6. In the final 45 minutes, put half a cup of wood chips in the wood chamber.
  7. Once the timer announces that it’s 3 hours, switch off the power source.
  8. Let the smoker cool before you can use the device for the first time.

Smoking Set-Up: What You Need

The device is designed to handle any kind of wood chips. I have used a separate wood type for each protein that I cooked on it, and they all turned out fine.

You have to add these in the side chamber to add flavor to the meat. But remember that you can only use wood pellets in this chamber. 

You don’t need to soak the wood chips before using them. But unless you’re looking for an intense smoky flavor, I suggest pre-soaking as the pellets will last longer and give you a mellow smokiness.

Heating Capacity

The Masterbuilt 30 smoker allows you to cook at a temperature ranging from 100° F to a maximum of 275° F.

You can, therefore, cook a wide variety of foods on it in multiple ways – all with a smoky flavor. 

How To Clean

I found the cleaning process easy because of the removable tacks. All you have to do is take them out and clean them. But my suggestion is to avoid using chemical-rich cleansers.

As for the inside of the smoker, you can use a homely trick of mixing equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar and spray this solution before wiping the walls clean with something soft.

Don’t forget to buy a cover. The smoker does not come with one, and you really need one, mostly to protect the digital control panel at the top.

Final Verdict

The Masterbuilt 20071117 30-inch Digital Electric Smoker is an easy-to-use electric smoker that can cook any meat with perfection. The insulation, water tray, and wood pellet chamber together work to give you consistently smoked meat with unforgettable succulence and the aroma of wood.

Pro smokers will miss the beauty that comes out of charcoal-powered smoking grills. It’s also not ideal if you want to place it in an outdoor space without any power source nearby.

But if you’re a beginner, also you can place the smoker on the porch or deck and start churning out perfectly smoked foods in no time! In fact, I’d recommend this for small eateries, too.

I love that it allows you to add a pleasant woody aroma. You don’t even need to open the door to add the wood chips.

So, unless you’re looking for an authentic taste of meat smoked with charcoal, this electric smoker can be the ideal device with which you can start your smoking journey. 

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