How to Use a Propane Smoker


Except for the tried-and-true BBQ methods, i.e., grilling and roasting, most chefs or BBQ pitmasters rely on another convection heating method, i.e., smoking in the propane smoker! This cooking appliance can be used straight for about eight hours continuously to cook a delicious meal.

If you’ve never smoked meat before, a propane smoker can make the process easy and convenient for you. You should know that wood chips are also required to use a propane smoker. 

If you are looking for a guide regarding “How to use a propane smoker?”, this blog will help you. 

To use a propane smoker efficiently, you must first set it up. Additionally, you should make sure that all connections are neat and that there are no leaks. Before using the propane smoker, you should also check the propane level in your tank. 

Lastly, make sure that the smoke is coming from the chimneys or vents.

How To Use A Propane Smoker [Step by Step Guide] 

We recommend following these steps to use the propane smoker efficiently:

1. Clean The Smoker Thoroughly

If you want to know how to use a propane smoker in any kind of brand like Masterbuilt and have the best experience, you must clean the smoker first. Uncleaned surfaces may cause a bad smell in your food if you do not clean them before cooking. 

Suppose you want your food to be delicious. In that case, you have to clean your smoker thoroughly by removing each part and cleaning it individually with a plastic bristle brush or with a regular sponge. 

2. Start Preparation

You must make sure that the propane smoker is ready for use before cooking. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Connect the propane tank with the smoker
  • Step 2: Turn it on and set your required temperature (225 degrees to 250 degrees)

3. Add Woodchips

You need to add the woodchips to the smoker and set the water tray to use a propane smoker for cooking. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Add woodchips to the flat pan.
  • Step 2: Allow the smoker to preheat
  • Step 3: Fill the woodchip tray with woodchips along with cider or water

Note: The purpose of adding water or cider is to prepare the woods for smoking and let the woods get rid of any moisture. The propane smoker will begin to smoke when the water evaporates.

4. Use Hardwoods

It would be best to try using hardwoods that produce the efficient smoke needed for cooking food, especially meat. 

Using hardwood is the best choice when using a propane smoker. You can use hardwoods of different types such as maple, cherry, apple, etc. The meat tastes better when it is cooked using wood.

5. Cook At Appropriate Temperature

In order to prevent overcooking of food, you need to cook it at the proper temperature. Specifically, smokers have been designed to cook food at a low temperature. 

So, you need to preheat the smoker and keep it at average temperature to enjoy your tasty food. Do you wonder how to regulate temperature in a propane smoker? Check out here

We also recommend using your propane smoker in an open area like your backyard for safety purposes. 

6. Start Cooking

It would help if you started cooking when the smoker was completely dry. Do not forget to gather the food items before heating the smoker. Here are some steps to cook:

  • Step 1: Make sure you defrost the meat by keeping it outside the refrigerator for about thirty minutes before cooking it.
  • Step 2: Place the meat on the grill gates.
  • Step 3: Smoke the food until it is cooked well.

7. Look For The Smoke                           

As you cook the food, you should keep an eye out for a smoke. To make sure your smoker is working correctly, follow these steps. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Check whether the smoke is coming from chimneys or vents – if it is, you are using it correctly.

Shut the smoker off if the smoke is coming from anywhere else. You should also turn off the propane and call an expert.

8. Keep Checking The Fuel

After about two hours, you should check the fuel and temperature of the smoker. Following these steps will help you maintain the temperature:

  • Step 1: Add more woodchips in the compartment where the fuel is added
  • Step 2: Add some water to the moisture-providing bowl
  • Step 3: Close the smoker’s door and start continuing the process of cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Do you use wood chips in a propane smoker?

Yes, using wood chips in a propane smoker is a wise choice because they are helpful in igniting faster. Plus, they also require less heat energy. 

Where do you put wood chips in a propane smoker?

The wood chips are added to the flat pan in a propane smoker that is available above the burner. 

How often do you add wood chips to a propane smoker?

Add the wood chips to a propane smoker after every six hours. 

How do you regulate the temperature of a propane smoker?

Regulate the temperature on a propane smoker by putting more air inside. It is done by opening the vents and lid. When the temperature decreases, the vents, and lid are closed.


As long as you know how to prepare it and how to set the temperature, this smoker is very easy to use. In addition, you must also be aware of the recommended temperature of the specific meat you cook using a propane smoker.


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