How to Perfectly Grill Pre-Cooked Shrimps


Grilling is a custom for most people. During special occasions, people love to throw barbecue parties to celebrate with friends and loved ones. Grilling is not just a season, nor a way of cooking, but it has become a way of life, especially in summer– for most Americans, at least.

Grilling, in general, is an excellent method to prepare your food because it can cook for higher temperatures, with less oil and grease. If you are grilling meat, it helps in releasing fat and reduces the calorie count.

Grilling Shrimp

But unlike meat, shrimps are a bit more delicate, especially when they are precooked. So, the great question now is, can you grill cooked shrimp? Well, we will find out more in this article.

Can You Grill Cooked Shrimp?

Yes, you can grill cooked shrimp. Shrimp is rich in protein yet low on calories. It is quite a versatile food, too. You can add it to salads, main course, appetizers, and more.

The challenge lies not in “how” you cook it, but the time and timing of cooking, and, in this case, grilling. 

Grilling precooked shrimp can create that unique savory flavor that no other way of cooking can do. However, do not cook it for too long otherwise, your shrimp will get that hard and dry texture, which is a significant letdown. 

Also, before grilling, clean the grill before cooking. You would want to remove the leftover chars from the previous grill session to mess with your food and your health.

Those create chemical reactions that will possibly be a source of carcinogen. But that you can always avoid.

Be mindful of the time as well. Grilling precooked shrimp over charcoal or gas grill may take only about two to three minutes. So, notice the signs that the shrimp is almost cooked and done.

One friendly advice, wrap it in aluminum foil and put some butter if you really cannot flip it always or strike the timing, so you do not overcook it.

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How Can I Grill Cooked Shrimp?

Grilling shrimp is easy. It is your best choice as this adds to the savory taste of your food. It would only take less than five minutes to be flavorful and extra delicious.

First, precook the shrimp.

You can boil it with water or microwave it. However, it is best to add some seasonings to enhance its flavor. You have countless options on how to precook it or what kind of herb to add to it for more flavor and taste.

You can melt butter into a hot pan, dice some garlic cloves, and add the shrimp.

Grilling Shrimps

Put in salt and lemon slices on top, then sauté it. You can also marinate it in a marinade comprising a mixture of the following and place it on a pan and place it on medium heat.

The main thing you need to consider when you want to know how to grill cooked shrimp or how to BBQ cooked shrimp is timing.

Precise timing and consistency are essential because they will only take a little time before it becomes edible or rubbery. Your timing in grilling can make or break it.

After two to three minutes of grilling

You achieve your shrimp’s desired look, texture, and taste, you can transfer the shrimps to a bowl then add some lemon zest for better taste.

You can also prepare your preferred dip and favorite sauces and then serve with vegetables or French bread.

Do’s and Don’ts During Grilling

  1. Do not peel the shell of the shrimp. Cook the shrimp with its shell because this holds in the shrimp juices for more flavor and taste.
  2. Do not expose the shrimp to too much heat. It can burn your shrimp and leave it dry and rubbery in taste.
  3. Do not directly place the shrimp to open flame.
  4. Do not overcook it to avoid carcinogens. 
  5. Do not leave it rounded in shape. It usually happens when the shrimp is left to the grill for more than five minutes, meaning it is overcooked. 
  6. Preheat the grill. The gas grill heat should be up to a maximum of 400 degrees.
  7. Grill it with high but not too much heat. Expose it for two minutes until it achieves that “comma” shape. This is when the shrimp is cooked and perfect. 
  8. Check it and turn it to different sides frequently. Remember, it cooks quickly, so be aware of your timing.

Signs of a Perfectly Grilled Precooked Shrimp

Perfectly Grilled Precooked Shrimp
  • Watch out for its color. The shrimp meat should turn white, and the outer shell should look pink or opaque from its original and translucent color.
  • Check the temperature of the shrimp. The internal heat should be about 145°F.
  • The shrimp must be in a curve shape, not rounded, as the latter would mean that it is overcooked.

Best Partners to Grilled Precooked Shrimp

  • Green salad with lettuce, tomato, olive, and cheese. It is such a perfect pair.
  • Grilled vegetables. Grill season is not complete without our grilled avocado, pepper, asparagus, and grilled carrots.
  • Pasta. It tastes perfect with any of your favorite pasta dishes.

Last Words

Grilling can add more flavor and savory taste to many dishes. It includes shrimps. You can precook the shrimp to minimize the time you need to expose the shrimp to the heat, which is beneficial to your health.

Wrap the shrimp in aluminum and put a generous amount of butter on it so you do not overcook it when grilling. Grill only for two to three minutes with constant flipping to achieve that perfect opaque shrimp ready for the table.

Try out the tips we shared on the best partners and the signs, and what you can add for additional oomph to your grilled precooked shrimp.


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