How To Grill Food In An Oven When Indoors?: Two Perfect Ways


Imagine the aroma of cooking a piece of juicy meat marinated with spices and condiments. The feeling is heavenly! But, there are times when you may not have access to the right set of tools required for grilling, and you are left with limited resources for preparing the meal.

Don’t have a grill? No worries! There is a solution to everything!

Your oven is the best companion in such situations. Now, you must be wondering, “Grilling in an oven?” Yes, it is possible!

The oven is a multi-purpose equipment. If you are a foodie, you must learn how to grill indoors in the oven and immerse into the world of an unparalleled cooking experience.

There are ways to achieve crispy, fancy texture in food items just like the one you get from a barbecue smoker. All this, without compromising on taste! However, you would require a few additional supplies.

Let’s get started and understand how to grill food in the oven while also making it an elevated experience.

How To Grill Food In The Oven: Our Complete Guide

When it comes to grilling, you do not have to stop yourself in case you cannot manage an outdoor set-up. You can now convert your oven into a grill to prepare various sumptuous delicacies and enjoy them to your heart’s content.

Empty Home Electric Oven

But, the question is: “How to grill in oven?” The answer is simple! There are two ways of doing it. You can either use a broiler or a griller. Both allow you to cook a variety of dishes with desirable outcomes.

Is Grilling Same As Broiling?

Let us tell you that broiling and grilling are two entirely different ways of food preparation. The only similarity is achieving the outcomes. In both cases, it is crucial to maintain the levels of heat required for properly cooking the meat while also maintaining its texture.

Although, a grill requires an open flame cooking method, which is ideal for outdoor set-up. You are required to place food in a preheated metal grill, which is then cooked with the heat reaching it directly or indirectly.

Whereas, when it comes to using a grill pan in the oven, you need to put the food on a preheated baking sheet or broiler pan. The food is then prepared with the help of heat coming from the oven.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use The  Broiler

Let us share with you how to grill indoors in the oven using a broiler.

  1. Put The Racks: Get started with putting the racks inside the oven in such a way that it creates a nice gap of around 4 to 8 inches from the top end of the oven.
  2. Preheat The Oven: As the rule says, it is crucial to let your oven heat up. This will increase the temperature of the broiler, which allows for the perfect conditions for cooking.
  3. Take Out The Broiler Pan: The temperatures inside the oven will be too hot to handle with bare hands and may burn you. Therefore, it is crucial to wear mitts to save yourself from any injury while removing the broiler pan from the oven.
  4. Put The Broiler Back: You need to place the broiler inside the oven carefully. Do leave the doors open when grilling as it allows an easy flow of air while cooking.
  5. Check For The Temperature: As your food is being cooked, it is essential to check for the temperatures inside the meat by inserting a thermometer. This allows you to ensure the conditions of the food being prepared.
  6. Allow The Juices To Settle Down: Once you take out the broiler from the oven, you must let the juices settle down before cutting it for serving.

Why Use A Broiler?

  • A broiler saves you from the hassle of arranging separate grilling equipment.
  • It serves as a healthier choice while preparing food that is free from unnecessary oils and fats.
  • You do not require a full-fledged set-up for preparing food in a broiler. It is quicker and simpler.

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Brief Story About The Broiler

A broiler can be best explained as a type of indoor grill that has been turned upside down. The only difference is, heat comes from the top instead of the bottom end. A broiler is effective in providing the users with a nice char.

Some ovens come with broiler drawers, but others come fitted with a broiler in the oven cavity. When it comes to broiling, the temperature levels in the oven are likely to reach up to 500° F to 550° F. In this case; you can set the rack at a distance of 4 to 8 inches which allows the heat to cook the food as per your requirements.

This is an ideal way to achieve grill-like effects with a broiler as the temperature levels are relatively high. It is a perfect way to prepare mouth-watering recipes, including thinly cut meat, fish, amazingly crispy veggies, and various exciting snacks. Do not forget to try homemade BBQ sauce, which would surely add a nice flavor to your dishes.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use A Grill Pan

If you are confused about how to use grill in electric oven, let us share with you our step-by-step guide.

Grill Pan with Meat
  1. Get Started With The Preparation: The first rule of cooking your food is preparing the veggies or meat, which involves cleaning and cutting them into an appropriate size that allows perfect conditions for cooking. You do not want overcooked or under-cooked food.
  2. Arrange The Racks: If you do not know how to use oven grill pan, the first and foremost thing required are the oven racks. Next, you need to place the cast iron on the rack and leave the oven for preheating to up to 500° F.
  3. Put The Food: Wear oven mitts and put the prepared meat in the oven.
  4. Check For The Temperatures: You can use a temperature reader to ensure whether or not the meat has been cooked.
  5. Take Out The Food: As you are done with cooking the food, it is time you take it out from the oven and place it on a dish.

Why Use a Grill Pan?

  • The marks and dents on the crusty-looking meats and veggies provide that authentically grilled look.
  • You can enjoy cooking multiple dishes at a single time using a grill pan in the oven.
  • The ridges allow the collection of juices dripping from the food.

Brief Story About The Grill Pan

A practical way to enjoy an indoor grilling experience is through a grill pan. The process of using a grill pan is not much different than that of a broiler. The material of a cast iron pan is meant to endure high-temperature levels, which is perfect for cooking the crunchiest of meals in the oven.

You can achieve great results by using a grill pan in the oven. It provides you with those perfect grill marks which you get from a griller itself. Although, just like a broiler, a grill pan is not able to give you that smoky flavor that traditional smokers offer.

This is due to the missing charcoal, wood pellets, and an entirely different cooking method.

What about the Smoky Flavor?

If you are all excited about using a grill pan in the oven or broiling your food, the only factor you will find missing is the smoky flavor.

But we have got you covered for it too! Here’s how!

You can give your vegetables or meat a nice smoky flavor by simply adding sprinkling some smoked salt or paprika over it. You can also get BBQ rub and try it for imparting that finger-linking flavor to your food. 

Cleaning the Grime from Your Oven after Grilling                                                                           

Now comes the most challenging part, which is, cleaning the oven.

Cleaning Oven Grill

If you are all set to use your oven as a grill, then stay prepared for a deep cleaning session. You can ditch the harsh chemicals and opt for natural ingredients, such as baking soda, elbow grease, and vinegar. They effectively remove the grime build-up from the surface of the oven and help you get rid of the stink. You should remove the racks first and clean them separately.

As you clean the oven, you will notice a thick black layer coming off of it, restoring its condition for your next safe and healthy cooking time.

Cleaning Essentials Required

  • Baking Soda
  • Gloves
  • Water
  • White Vinegar
  • Spray Bottle
  • Damp Dish Cloth

How to Clean the Oven: Instructions To Follow        

  • After using a grill pan in the oven, you must remove the racks, thermometer, and everything else from the oven.
  • A mixture of baking soda and water is what you need.
  • Make sure to nicely coat the inside surface of the oven with this paste, but leave the heating elements.
  • Let this paste sit overnight or for at least a duration of 12 hours and work its magic.
  • The next morning, clean the dried baking soda paste with the help of a damp washcloth.
  • Spray some vinegar over the surface and as it bubbles up upon reacting with the baking soda stuck on the surface, gently wipe it with the washcloth again.
  • Finally, replace the oven racks and anything extra that you have kept inside the oven.

So, why wait? Now, as you know how to grill food in the oven, it is time you prepare your favorite meals without additionally investing in a smoker!

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