How Much Brisket Per Person – What is the Ideal Serving Portion!


Every person eats according to their own capacity. Something that might fill you up entirely, might not even be half enough for another person.

However, depending on the sizes of different food, it is still easy to estimate how much a person will consume and how much of that food is needed for a group of people.

Smoked Brisket for One Person

This estimation is very important when preparing food for a group of people. This can help the host prepare just enough food for their family or guests, without either running out of food midway or wasting a huge amount later.

So, in case you are smoking a brisket, we are here to help you figure out exactly the amount you should be needing!

How Many People Will a Brisket Feed?

The easiest answer to remember how much brisket per person is needed is one pound of uncooked brisket.

A pound of uncooked brisket, which is also untrimmed, loses about 40% to 50% of its total weight in being cooked. 

This is because to cook a brisket, you need to first trim a lot of fat off it, and then also deal with the general shrinkage of meat. 

So, in other words, half a pound of cooked brisket is a generous serving for most people.

Therefore, if by one brisket you mean one pound of it uncooked and untrimmed, it will be just enough to serve a single person and fill them up fully.

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How Many Servings is a Pound of Brisket?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are taking one pound of cooked or uncooked brisket.

A pound of uncooked and untrimmed brisket should be enough to feed 1 person.

However, a pound of cooked brisket is enough for at least 2 persons.

Similarly, if you have a pound of uncooked brisket, but it has already been trimmed of fat, then it should serve 1 and a ½ person, making 2 pounds well enough for 3 persons.

Number of ServingsPounds of Uncooked and Untrimmed BrisketPounds of Uncooked But Trimmed BrisketPounds of Cooked Brisket
1 person1 pound⅔ pound½ pound
5 persons5 pounds3 and ⅓ pounds5 pounds
8 persons8 pounds5 and ⅓ pounds4 pounds
10 persons10 pounds6 and ⅔ pounds5 pounds
20 persons20 pounds13 and ⅓ pounds10 pounds

Wrapping it Up

It’s easy to see how much brisket you need to prepare in order to serve your family or guests fully and how long it will take.

However, it’s also important to remember that the amount of brisket a person consumes depends on many other factors such as their usual serving amount preference, hunger, etc.

So, although the above-stated amounts might not be completely accurate, they are a fair estimate.

Happy cooking!

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