Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Review


In recent years, electric smokers have gained a tremendous amount of popularity. More and more people are investing into quality digital electric smokers. But with so many competing brands and smoker models in the market, it’s easy to get confused while choosing the one for you. Well, with this Char Broil Deluxe digital electric smoker review, we hope to make your decision a tad bit easier.

Product NameChar-Broil 17202004 Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker
FuelPellets/Wood chips
Warranty1 Year
Interior Cooking Space725 square inch capacity
Cooking Racks Available4 easily adjustable or removable racks
External Measurement18.1 W x 16.5 D x 32.5 H-inches

Why Choose A Digital Electric Outdoor Smoker Over A Traditional Charcoal Smoker?

Out in the market, you will find tons of smokers – electric and traditional charcoal ones – at a very affordable price point. Easy on the pocket, you might be tempted to purchase one of these for your grilling parties right away. But before you do that, you must stop and consider how convenient they are to use. When compared with the Char Broil Deluxe, we can guess it won’t be a lot – especially if you do not have a lot of experience with cooking.

Not only does it take an eternity to cook a meal in most of these cheaply bought smokers, you never know for sure if your food will turn out well cooked every single time. There is a lot of effort that goes into cooking with a smoker that does not have particularly easy controls, as you would expect from a cheap smoker.

On the contrary, a Char Broil Deluxe can prepare your meal with minimum attention and takes a fraction of the cooking time that you need with other smokers. Using a good quality digital electric smoker such as the Char Broil Deluxe gets you the great tenderness and flavor of smoked meat without the hassle.

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Product’s Performance

The Char Broil Deluxe has become a consumer favorite in the digital electric smoker market. With 725 square inches of cooking space, sturdy construction, and precise controls, it truly packs a punch. Granted, there is a bit of a learning curve to perfectly operating it. However, it still is a pretty good package for a very affordable price.

The double insulation of this smoker prevents any smoke, heat, or flavor from leaking through the walls. The added thermometer makes sure that your meat is cooked just the right amount every single time.

Innovative Design

  • Insulated, double wall construction and locking latch

With many smokers, you have the trouble of keeping the smoke inside – which inadvertently increases the cooking time. But the Char Broil Deluxe is designed to cut down the cooking time to a minimum.

The insulated double walls make sure that no smoke and heat escapes the cooker. A large locking latch further makes for a smoke tight seal. These features make the Char Broil Deluxe upto 10 times more efficient than the leading electric smoker.

  • Advanced control panel with easy-read, blue LED display

The easy to use control panel allows you to cook your food exactly how you want to. The controls are all very user friendly, and the package comes with a detailed manual in case you run into problems.

  • Removable food thermometer

To make sure that your food has cooked to perfection every single time, use the removable temperature gauge to monitor the inside temperature of the meat.

  • Glass door and stainless steel, dual-tone finish

The glass door design allows you to peek into the smoker and see how far the cooking has gotten without opening the door and letting out all the flavour.

Manufacturing material

The materials that went into production of this Char Broil Deluxe were intelligently picked to combine durability with style. The large glass door allows you to view the meat being cooked without you having to open the door, and in the process, letting out the smoke.

The body of this product is made with stainless steel. This food grade material is resistant to corrosion and does not release toxins into the food. The large locking latch is also made of the same material to provide durability to the Char Broil Deluxe.

Smoking Set-up

  1. Press the power button and set either the Cook Time + Cook Temperature, or Meat Probe + Cook Time
  2. Let the smoker preheat for about 40 minutes
  3. Add 4 cups of wood chips to the chip box for 8 hours of cooking time
  4. Your smoker is ready to cook your meat

Heating Capacity

This Digital Electric Smoker is able to reach temperatures between 100°F and 275°F

Pros & Cons


✓ Incredibly easy to clean
✓ The lowest temperature setting is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for a cold smoke
✓ The design is both, functional and handsome
✓ Sturdy and well put together
✓ Great electrical smoker at a budget-friendly price


✖ Prolonged cooking times and/or cooking larger than 15 lbs of meat at a time is considered to be dangerous
✖ The cooking time may be prolonged in colder areas
✖ Should only be used on high heat materials, such as concrete. Using on wood or grass can be dangerous
✖ Does not have a convection fan to distribute the heat evenly

How To Clean

  1. Remove the racks, drip pan and chip box to clean in the sink or in your dishwasher
  2. Using either a non abrasive cleaner, or plain soap and water, clean the glass door of all the smoke that has collected on it after use
  3. Be sure to get all of the cleaner off the smoker so you don’t have any issues with the cleaner adding unwanted flavors to the next cooking
  4. The inside of the smoker is gradually “cured” by the smoke and will take on a dark coating. You can clean this like you would an oven, it’s really optional

Wrapping it up

Smoking your meat in the Char Broil Deluxe is not only much quicker and convenient, it is also a lot safer than using a charcoal smoker. With this in your backyard, you can host the most delicious family picnics any time of the year.

If you’re still undecided, head over to meat smokers for newbie for detailed comparison of smokers.

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