Best BBQ Sauce for Pulled Pork – The Best Flavor Enhancers for You!


BBQ sauces are rather commonly used and there’s a good enough reason for that – they will complement your food’s flavor to make it many fold better than it initially was.

However, it is very tricky to pick a BBQ sauce that will actually make your meals delicious for you.

The best BBQ sauce available is the one that is good enough for your taste.

This can give you a memorable experience with a good BBQ sauce for your pulled pork!

  • Tangy and Smoky Sweetness
  • Kansas City Style Sauce
  • Spicy but not too hot
  • Same as the original but hot
  • Sweet and tangy
  • Contains tomatoes and vinegar

What to Look for When Buying a BBQ Sauce for Pulled Pork?

However, before you can decide on what your personal preference is, there are a few features that you should look for in a good BBQ sauce for pulled pork.

Pulled Pork on a Plate
  1. Flavor 

There are two basic flavors that all BBQ sauces come in—one being simply sweet, and the other sweet but with a hint of tangy.

The sweet BBQ sauces simply contain tomatoes and sugar, or sometimes brown sugar as well, in them.

Whereas tangy sauces will also have added vinegar in them. This also makes them a little more runny than the sweet BBQ sauces.

But when it comes to pulled pork, it is best suited to sweeter BBQ sauces. Whether it’s flavors like maple or honey, the taste of pork goes best with sweet sauces.

  1. Consistency

Of course, a sauce’s consistency depends on what flavor you are picking. 

For instance, a tangier sauce will be a little runny because of the vinegar in it. In contrast, sweeter sauces could be more dip-like.

Since we recommend using sweet sauces for your pork, your BBQ sauce should then be thicker.

But if the sauce you buy is too thick to suit you, you can always thin it out.

  1. Price

Many people will assume that the cheaper the sauce, the lesser its flavor quality.

That’s not at all true. In our opinion, if a sauce is expensive, it might simply be because of either a brand name or because it is shipped from afar.

Therefore, when looking for a good BBQ sauce for your pork, you should look into the quality by listing its reviews instead of simply trusting the high price.




Jack Stack’s KC Original BBQ Sauce is a classic Kansas City Sauce. 

What makes it an excellent option for us personally is that it has the basic sweet flavor to complement your pulled pork and a hint of tart to make it even better!

The additional ketchup and molasses in this sauce not only give it its sweet flavor, but also give it a thick dip-like consistency.

It also contains liquid smoke, which gives it a popping BBQ flavor that could only otherwise come from coals and fire.

With the price that it comes in, the smokiness and sweetness of this BBQ sauce by Jack Stack is definitely hard to beat. 

If you want to play safe with your tastebuds, this basic sauce should do you good. Once you purchase it, you won’t ever keep it off your kitchen shelves.



Are you a fan of spices? Then Jack Stack’s KC Spicy BBQ Sauce is a great option for you!

This BBQ sauce has been made on the pattern of Jack Stack’s KC Original BBQ sauce, but with additional cayenne pepper in it – this is why we love recommending it! 

This ingredient makes the BBQ sauce spicy on top of its original sweetness, but not too much for you to not be able to bear it.

If you’re not really looking for a basic Kansas City Sauce and would love to have a twist of spices in your BBQ sauce, then this sauce by Jack Stack is made for your pulled pork.

Top Pick


Created in 1950, Granny’s BBQ Sauce is still enjoying a great deal of popularity because it has managed to safekeep its family recipe. 

The company has delivered great quality and flavor over the last decades and continues to become a favorite – just as it is ours!

This BBQ sauce includes both a sweet and tangy flavor, characterized by its blend of tomatoes and vinegar.

Its consistency is somewhere in between runny and thick. This makes it so much easier to spread on your pork, which is why we love it. 

This is not just your traditional sweet BBQ sauce, Granny’s BBQ sauce also features fruity flavors like peach and orange, and even adds spices on top of these!

If you’re looking for a change and want a fruity twist to your pork, this is your sauce. 

Whether it’s pulled pork you’re going to enjoy soon, or any other meaty dish, this citrus and sweet sauce is all you need.



One of the biggest benefits of using the Meat Mitch Char Bar Table Sauce is that it can help make your slightly overcooked meat taste better. We’ve been using it for this purpose for quite a while now – we’re prone to imperfection at times too!

This is a great gluten-free and vegan option, if that is your first priority in a BBQ sauce. 

Not only is it good enough for your pulled pork, but with this readily available in your kitchen, all your dishes, meat or not, become better than before.

The Meat Mitch Char Bar Table Sauce is not just a basic sauce with a blend of tomatoes, sugar and vinegar. It also includes brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, onions, salts, spices, celery seeds, and other natural flavors to truly make your meal delicious.

If you like your BBQ sauce rich like us, this is your option.

Top Pick


Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce is yet another award-winning BBQ sauce that could potentially become your next favorite sauce.

This BBQ sauce is not spicy at all, it only has a sweet flavor with mild tanginess to it. You could say that it’s smoky as well, but the smokiness doesn’t stand out as much.

If you want a sweet BBQ sauce for your pulled pork, but also want it to have an underlying tangy flavor to it, then this Gluten-Free BBQ Sauce by Sweet Baby Ray is a great option for you.

We recommend it because it’s both basic and gluten-free, nothing could go wrong!

Wrapping it Up

The best pick in a BBQ sauce is your choice and preference of flavor.

Still, if you’re unable to decide between different sauces, Grill Masters Club can be of great help to you – at least it was to us!

BBQ Masters Club: Subscription Box

With a subscription to Grills Masters Club, you’ll be getting to experience new sauces, rubs, marinades, and even grilling accessories such as wood chips. 

This way you can learn overtime to pick your favorite sauce for pulled pork!

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