About Me

Author & Owner of CookoutExpert.com

Tyler Lachance is your go-to-person if you need anything about cookouts.

Born and raised in a family that treats cookout as a tradition that have been passed from several generations until his, he has treated cookouts not only as a day-to-day activity but a part of his culture and who he is. Their family reunions served as his days of apprenticeship and stewardship on how to cook and hold small and big cookout feasts. At the age of 29, Tyler has joined several BBQ competitions and has brought home several trophies as proof of his competence.

Teriyaki, Lemon and rosemary, pineapple, Jamaican Jerk, Greek-style, Mexican, Bulgogi, and other self-innovated marinades are Tyler’s expertise.

In some cookout, he sticks to the traditional flavor soaking, but in some events, he’ll surprise you with a taste that is unique from his own experience cookbook.

Going hand-in-hand with his grand marinating skills is his capability to create sauces that match main dishes.

Garlic mojo sauce to match the taste of the sea, xató, Brazillian Pico de Gallo, tomato-spiked Béarnaisesauce, Yemenite hot sauce, Puerto-Rican style garlic sauce, you name it! He can make these sauces for you.


With every cookout Tyler leads, he ensures that his delicacies become a part of the fine memories friends and family make.

Only experts in taste can formulate the perfect pairing of drinks and grilled food. Tyler has done this as he did not limit himself to simply grabbing a bucket of ice-cold beer while indulging in grilled goodness.

Over the years, he tested and tried different combinations. Beer, wine, margarita, rumarita, sangria, mojito, bourbon tea, pale ginger shandy, rum punch, champagne, and more cocktails can perfectly compliment cookout dishes either as a separate drink or as marinade.

Tyler distinguishes the need of picking the right grill to create splendid meals. He decides when it is best to use open flame grilling, charcoal grills, kamado grills, charcoal kettle grills, pellet grills, electric grills and gas, and propane grills.


He also keeps an eye for the innovative grills of the present time. He is meticulous on which grills will deliver his desired output in a particular setup as Tyler does not only grill in the comforts of his yard, he does BBQ during simple camping or picnic, and he also handles cookout for grand events like celebrations for parties, anniversaries and huge clan reunions.

If you are looking for a guy you can talk to or learn from about anything regarding cookouts, Tyler Lachance is the man.